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Local Diver’s Perspective

As a local resident and a non-diver for years, the opportunities and endless diving possibilities in the Thousand Islands was simply “off my radar”. It was during a particularly brutal Northern New York winter that my wife and I decided to fulfill a bucket list dream and learn to dive. We signed up with a local shop and were on our way. We were hooked within minutes of our first lesson in a local pool. It has changed our lives and has giving this “aging” couple a whole new hobby and perspective on life.

The true bonus is that we live in an area that is perfect for diving with many wrecks, underwater species, unparrelled water clarity and incredible dive opportunities and shore access. There is great support with local dive shops and communities along the fantastic St. Lawrence River.

In particular, the Islander Wreck in Alexandria Bay is an ideal location in the heart of the village with easy access. There is also access to get out on the water to dive, either with your own boat or several dive charters available. It’s a great location to bring the family and non-divers to share a day of fun, make a few dives, visit shops and take a tour of the Thousand Islands or many other activities.

Diving is one of those things that is difficult to describe, it is literally an experience in another world. The underwater scenery, serenity and satisfaction of seeing things most people won’t ever see makes it an incredible experience. I have only one regret and that is that I didn’t “discover scuba” years ago. One more reason to “carpe diem”, seize the day, whether is diving, snorkeling, waterskiing, paddle boarding or many other activities you can do right here in the Thousand Islands region.

— Peter Whitmore

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