2021 PIRATE DAY’S UPDATE as of 8/2/21

Help keep the pirate spirit alive in Alexandria Bay! In lieu of the annual Bill Johnston’s Pirate Days the Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce will host the Landlubber’s Block Dance Friday, August 13.


This pirate-themed event will feature live music by Doc Yukon from 8-10 p.m. on James Street between Skiff’s Pub and Downtown at 11 James. Attendees and local businesses are welcome to dress as pirates, decorate and catch beads thrown from the treasure chest. Be sure to keep an eye out for a few pirates or wenches wandering the crowds.


The chamber is looking forward to returning to the full schedule of Pirate Days, August 12-21, 2022. The Landlubber’s Block Dance is proudly sponsored by the Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce, Labatt’s Blue Light and Pricechopper. For more information, go to www.visitalexbay.org or call 315-482-9531.


The Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Bill Johnston’s Pirate Days, scheduled for August 13-22, 2021. To be transparent, the chamber would like to share the reasoning behind the cancellation.

The uncertainty of events over the past year and a half has made preparing for Pirate Day’s a difficult task. An event of this magnitude requires many months of preparation, planning and costs that we do not currently have.

This event is also largely dependent on our longtime reenactors, who have created an enjoyable and authentic pirate experience for those who visit Alexandria Bay. The extended Canadian border closing has made it impossible for the Brockville Infantry group and Brockville Brigantine Tall Ships to participate. The Tales of Remikreh sword fighting group, the longtime pirate troupe has also decided not to participate this year. These main factors were instrumental in our decision to cancel this year’s event. We still encourage everyone to visit Alexandria Bay, dress up as pirates, and attend any pirate themed events local businesses will be hosting.

The chamber will use this time to discover a new generation of volunteers and reenactors interested in keeping the pirate spirit alive for August 12-21, 2022. As we proceed with future planning, we have a critical need for more volunteers to help with all aspects of staging this amazing event, as well financial support to maintain the high-quality of the Bill Johnston’s Pirate Days. If you are interested in joining, please contact the chamber at 315-482-9531 or info@alexbay.org.