August 13-22, 2021

Alexandria Bay is the proud home of the famous “Bill Johnston’s Pirate Days.” There are 10 days filled with family fun and special events. Our sword-fighting group, known as the ‘Tales from Remikreh,’ will be performing throughout the village streets and at various Route 12 locations. Be sure to stop by and visit the entertainment tent for a list of activities planned for that day.

Bill Johnston was a renegade after the Patriots War, who blew up the British steamer, Sir Robert Peel, hid among the 1000 Islands, and was hunted by both U.S. and Canadian authorities. The annual Bill Johnston’s Pirates Days celebration commemorates some of his exploits. Fill your senses with the sound and spectacle when pirate ships attack the village from the St. Lawrence River, as the brave villagers try to stave them off. The air is filled with smoke and the sound of musket fire and cannon, and eventually the villagers succumb as the pirates invade the town. After the Mayor turns over the key to the village to the invading marauders, everyone becomes a pirate.

The Alexandria Bay Chamber of Commerce, through the hard work of our members; sponsor all of the above events. You are invited to join in the spirit of Pirate Days and dress as a Pirate, Patriot, or Indian when attending any or all of these events. All times are subject to change. Please check the event board at the entertainment tent or at the Chamber office at (315) 482-9531. Most events are free and for the enjoyment of the public.

TENTATIVE Schedule of Events Will Be Posted