Buskers in the Bay

July 14 – 17

noun busk·er \ˈbəs-kər\
  1. :  a person who entertains in a public place for donations

 Weekend Schedule:

**Schedule is subject to change.**


5:00 ~ Secret Circus

6:00 ~ Wacky Chad

7:00 ~ Secret Circus

8:00 ~ Wacky Chad



12:00 – Magick Circus

1:00 – The Acrobat Guy

2:00 ~ Secret Circus

3:00 ~ Wacky Chad

4:00 ~ Magick Circus

5:00 ~ Enjoy dinner and shopping among our local merchants.

6:00  – The Acrobat Guy

7:00 ~ Secret Circus

8:00 ~ Wacky Chad

9:00 ~ The Acrobat Guy

10:00 ~ Fire Magick Show



11:00 ~ Wacky Chad 

12:00 ~ Secret Circus

1:00 ~ The Acrobat Guy

2:00 ~ Wacky Chad

3:00 ~ TBA

4:00 ~ Secret Circus

5:00 ~ The Acrobat Guy

6:00 ~ Wacky Chad

7:00 ~ Secret Circus

8:00 ~ The Acrobat Guy

9:00 ~ TBA



11:00 ~ Secret Circus

12:00 ~ The Acrobat Guy

1:00 ~ Wacky Chad

2:00 ~ Secret Circus

3:00 ~ The Acrobat Guy

4:00 ~ Wacky Chad

5:00 ~ TBA

The Acrobat Guy

From acrobatics to juggling and even magic, this performer is a jack of all trades.  He has spent years perfecting his skills to perform only the best.  Whether it’s juggling 5 balls or flipping over 5 people Joey does it all.




The Secret Circus

Her Majesty’s Secret Circus

Meet Agents Honeymoon and Butterfly, two highly trained operatives with a license to…THRILL. They perform a spy-fi stunt comedy show unlike any other. Dressed in their sexiest action suits, riding a 7-foot stealth cycle, and wielding the world’s only bow and plunger-arrow, they’re saving the planet from boredom, one show at a time. With all the elements of a spy thriller and jaw-dropping circus tricks, Her Majesty’s Secret Circus is Comic Espionage at it’s finest.



Wacky Chad

Laugh until it hurts as stunt comedian Wacky Chad rides another person on his tiny bicycle and handstands on a skateboard. Wacky Chad will reach neck-straining heights on his tall unicycle and defy gravity on an air powered pogo stick. Prepare to be amazed, and if you don’t like laughing, go somewhere else.



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