We have been busy getting ready for our 2016 Summer Season!! Here is what is new:

  • Independence Day Fireworks will feature a new company this year. We are thrilled to introduce Majestic Fireworks out of Winthrop, NY as this year’s pyrotechnician! Majestic promises more than twice the show than what we have had in previous years.
  • “Buskers in the Bay!”—a weekend of street performances on Market Street! This new family oriented event is scheduled for July 14-17, 2016.
  • The Art Walk Series was a new event series in 2015 that was organized by several community members through the Progress Committee. This year we will be adding a couple of Contra Dances to coincide with a couple of Thursday Art Walks.
  • River Santa Festival—last year a community member, Doug Tulloch thought up the idea of giving children across the North Country gifts from the docks. That’s right; Santa came by boat to the “Heart of the 1000 Islands”! In 2016 he will come by boat, or airboat if necessary, with boatloads of toys. On December 17th we will host the River Santa Festival on Upper James Street with Sleigh Rides and other festivities! Stay tuned for additional details.