At 1000 Islands Water Taxi we know you want to make the most of your free time. Leisure activities are important while visiting the beautiful 1000 Islands and “experiencing the river WHILE ON THE RIVER” is what we specialize in. For those who visit the 1000 islands without boat transportation or are just unfamiliar with navigating the expansive St. Lawrence River, we provide your best option. Whether you desire a 2 hour scenic tour or just a 60 minute ride around Boldt Castle and the surrounding islands, you’ll actually feel like you’re on your own private vessel. You will board the 26 foot authentic wooden Lyman “APACHE” or a comfortable pontoon boat at a convenient Alexandria Bay location. We will carry up to six passengers and will customize your cruise to your personal preferences. You’re invited to bring your own refreshments and of course your camera while you serenely drift down the river, get up close to nature and wildlife, cruise down “Millionaire’s Row” or take a shopping cruise to Bluff Island… your options are limitless with your own private boat and captain. Avoid the cruise boat crowds and structured tours. This is YOUR time on the river and it should be special. Contact us to discuss how we can make your stay at the 1000 islands most memorable.