Boldt Castle

During the Civil War, a poor Immigrant arrived in New York, penniless and unknown. His name was George Boldt. Before he died, he was to gather a huge fortune and leave a gigantic unfinished house of history on one of New York State’s most beautiful islands. George Boldt’s two ambitions in life were to be the head of a large hotel and to someday build a castle like those he had seen in Europe during his boyhood.

In the 1890’s, George Boldt and his wife Louise paid a visit to the 1000 Islands Region. He saw an island that he fell in love with at first sight. After a few more visits to this island, his second dream became a reality when he began building a replica of a Rhine Castle.

The island’s original name was “Hart Island” after its previous owner Elizur Kirke Hart. After George Boldt acquired the island, he re-designed the shape of the island to resemble the shape of a heart. From that time forward, the island was renamed “Heart Island”.

The Love Story surrounding the castle is a sad one. George Boldt was building the castle as a tribute to his wife Louise. While being built, Louise suddenly died and the craftsmen on the island received a cable to stop all work. The castle was never completed.

After years of neglect, vandalism, and the elements, the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority purchased the historic castle and has done major renovations to show the grandeur that was to be.

Today, Boldt Castle has become the #1 attraction in the 1000 Islands Region and is a must to see!  On the web at